Current version

For the 64-bit release, which is almost completed, the latest version is, from February 2024. This version includes the MSA-model.
For the 32-bit release, the current version of CHEAQS Next is 2020.2, dated July 2020.
See the Downloads for additional info.

Next release

The current plan is to focus entirely on the new 64-bit version which is already available and is almost complete.

Version History (February 2024)

Three bugs fixed which could cause program crashes. (December 2023)

Link to YouTube-channel added. Czech language file added. Rewritten in C. (December 2022)

MSA-radii updated and a few bug fixes. (August 2022)

MSA-radii updated, atomic weights checked and a few bug fixes. (May 2022)

A few bug fixes. (January 2022)

A few bug fixes. (December 2021)

Version has now extended MSA-information; the MSA-info is also shown for salts for which no complexes are included in the database. In addition two bugs were fixed; one displaying incorrect values when including organic complexation; one displaying info from previous runs in 'other info'. (November 2021)

A bug in the 64-bits version was fixed. When organic complexation was included, incomplete results were diplayed. (August 2021)

The 64-bits version now enables downloading and viewing of the manual and the database document from within the program.

2014.0.9.2 (30 March 2014)

2014.0.9 (19 January 2014)

Some features that are included in CHEAQS Pro are not yet implemented in CHEAQS Next, such as calibrations.